Happy Hearts Amahoro was created in 2016 as our first Preschool, to keep on growing together with our little students. All our schools are bilingual (English & French) and use Montessori approach.

The Preschool is composed of one great open classroom, specifically designed for preschoolers and accomodating children from 3 to 5 years old, without any age separation as per Montessori teaching philosophy. Outdoors, you'll find a football pitch, a small basketball area, an educational garden, few swings and a sandpit. Inside, there are sleeping rooms, a kitchen to cook healthy and delicious food and a small classroom for one-on-one sessions. We offer various type of activities, including dance & drums, cooking, art & craft, gardening, sports, games and so on. We do not provide any toys (apart for the sandpit, a basketball and a football) to children as we want them to develop their social skills, imagination and creativity through collaborative role games and transformation of what they find in their environment.

If you'd like to visit, feel free to contact us!

Address: KG Street 670, plot 34, Kimihurura Kigali - Rwanda - Get Directions

Google Maps Plus Code: 23WH+9R Kigali

Phone Number: +250 78 830 0512