Not just a school, but a social project!

Happy Hearts is honored to be partnering with Gasabo district to develop access to Early Childhood Education. For now, we are collaborating directly with 2 preschools in Rutunga and Gikomero sectors, in order to implement Learning through Play approach as per recommendation of the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion. 

To increase and maintain access, quality and care, we are:

  • Developing programs within the community (learning through play, hygiene & health promotion, child protection & rights, positive parenting, nutrition and so on);
  • Renovating existing facilities and playgrounds;
  • Recruiting & training teachers on methodology and how to create learning materials using locally available resources;
  • Providing one meal per day to children;
  • Offering a top-up on salaries;
  • Donating food, equipment, uniforms and so on.

It's just a start. Together, we can do much more and have a real impact.

Quality early education should never be a privilege.