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Happy Hearts Daycare Difference


Dear parents, we wanted to thank you all for the great journey we had together during Summer! Welcome back for the school year 2017-2018! 

Spearheaded by a successful educational leader in Rwanda, Happy Hearts is an international Montessori school, accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS). Our Daycare offers an unprecedented combination of high-quality education at an accessible cost. What sets us apart from other daycares is that every single aspect of Happy Hearts has been especially designed to maximize the unlocking of each toddler’s potential.

At the Daycare, children learn in smaller groups allowing for more one-to-one interaction. Our experienced Montessori teachers have exceptional communication skills, emotional intelligence and passion for their job which ensures that your child is effectively nurtured. Our engaging day-to-day programs and special events focus on keeping the children happy, friendly and relating to the environment.

Moreover, Happy Hearts is proud to be a complete bilingual Daycare, based on English and French. For example, a French speaking teacher will always be assisted by an English speaker - and vice versa -. It means that your toddler will be exposed to both languages at every single moment of the day: the absorbent mind of a child, between 1 and 3 years old, can easily process more than his or her mothertongue. We believe that it's a opportunity given to the toddlers to prepare for a lifetime of language learning.

About Us

Mission statement

Happy Hearts Daycare provides a nurturing environment while implementing a well-balanced educational program.

Our professional and caring team puts the students at the center of their learning experience, offering them the opportunity to follow their interests and to develop at their own pace in a stimulating environment where they feel safe and have fun.

Our full day Montessori daycare program includes:

  • Exercises in practical life which draw the beginning of child’s independence, self-care, coordination of movements and respect towards the others and the environment;
  • Exercises in sensorial area (size, shape, weight, color, texture) which develop precision, attention to details and concentration;
  • Language exercises: the absorbent mind allows the child to take-in language indiscriminately and unconsciously; we begin with vocabulary enrichment focusing on the objects in the environment, qualities of the sensorial materials, names of classified cards, followed by reading stories and singing songs;
  • Mathematics exercises which lead to interest, order, repetition and concentration: we introduce quantity (manipulation of material) before symbols to ensure that the child fully grasps the concept and has a concrete understanding, instead of memorizing.

Daily routine

The daily routine at Happy Hearts Daycare has a set schedule for Montessori work, circle time, outdoor play, lunch, snacks, naps; however there are times when the schedule may be altered in a day depending on the needs of the children.

  • Circle time takes place at 9.00 am.
  • Outdoor playtimes are between 7.30 am and 8.50 am, 11.00 am and 11.50 am, 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm: the children are free to run and play in the sandpit, with the bikes, the balls, the swings, our two bunnies and all the other toys.
  • Healthy snacks are served at 9.30 am and 3.30 pm, lunch at 12 pm: after that children clear their table and wash their dishes.
  • Nap time begins at 12:45 pm and finishes at 3 pm. Children are left to awaken by themselves, to ensure they get enough rest. Please discuss with the classroom teachers should your child’s nap schedule change. Children who do not nap will work with the Montessori materials in the classroom.



lydie profileHAKIZIMANA Lydie, Co-founder and Managing Director

Lydie Hakizimana is a mother of three wonderful children and has a deep passion for education. She believes that every child is special and has something to offer to this world.

In 2008 she co-founded Drakkar Ltd, a Rwandan publishing company which distributes books in both primary and secondary schools. Since she wanted to provide an high quality education for an affordable cost, she designed Happy Hearts project and finally created it in 2014.

As a successful entrepreneur and a caring mother, she manages Happy Hearts as her second family, and all our staff knows that she will always continue to improve our school to meet the needs of our beloved students. Lydie is also involved in countless institutions related to education field and entrepreneurship, because of her commitment to children.


alida_profile.JPGMUKESHIMANA Alida, Daycare Teacher

Alida is a patient, trustful and engaged English speaking teacher in charge of the Nido class (12-18 months). She has worked with children with disabilities and shows great enthusiasm for her job.

MWANGI Gladys Wanjiku

gladys_profile.jpg MWANGI Gladys, Daycare Teacher

Gladys is the English speaking teacher leading the young toddlers class called “The Butterflies”. Having worked in the educational field for over 16 years, Gladys has a great deal of patience and experience: she is very conscious and able to stimulate children’s interest with diverse activities.



MUKAMAZIMPAKA Robertine, Daycare Teacher

Robertine is the new Francophone teacher of the Toddlers, “Les Petits Lapins”: she has been working in the educational field for many years and has great communication skills. She is very committed and has a positive attitude!


liliane_profile.JPGNGENDAKUMANA Liliane, Daycare Teacher Assistant

Liliane is a vital and playful French speaking assistant: thanks to her enthusiastic personality, she has won the heart of every single child. She is the best football player in the house and helps in the Nido class.


jacquie_profile.jpgNSENGIYUMWA Jacky, Daycare Teacher Assistant

Jacky is a very calm and discrete French speaking assistant working in the class of Ms. Gladys: you hardly notice or hear her, but children go crazy for her!


celia profile UMUTESI Célia, Daycare Teacher Assistant

Célia is a very practical French speaking assistant who has been working with children for more than 5 years: she is very good at encouraging them to be independent throughout their daily activities. She works in “The Butterflies” class.


betty_profile.jpgKABAZAYIRE Betty, Daycare Teacher Assistant

Betty is one of the English speaking assistant of Ms. Robertine: every child has learned to love her quickly, because she is always cheerful, playful and helpful.


SOLANGE.JPGKAYIGEMERE Solange, Daycare Teacher Assistant

Solange is a francophone assistant in the class of “The Butterflies”. She used to be a sport educator specialized in swimming, volleyball and basketball, therefore she works especially on children motor ability.

NAHO Alice

ALICE.JPGNAHO Alice, Daycare Teacher Assistant

Alice is the other Anglophone assistant of “Les Petits Lapins” class: she just started at Happy Hearts, she is still a student, and she is very conscious and caring.


pascaline profile MWIYERETSE Pascaline, Cook & Housekeeper

Pascaline is in charge of providing the children and staff with a balanced and healthy diet. She has 10 years of experience as a cook and nothing excites her more than seeing children finishing their meals.


ROSE_1.JPGKAGOYIRE Marie Rose, cleaner

Rose makes sure that the environment where the children learn, grow and play is always clean and neat.

NIYOYITA Jean d'Amour

JEAN.JPGNIYOYITA Jean d'Amour, guard

Jean is the guard of Happy Hearts: his smile is the first welcome at our Daycare!






The Happy Hearts curriculum is based on the Montessori philosophy. We have chosen to follow this educational approach because it allows children to learn at their own pace and experience by themselves. It enhances creativity and curiosity as the child will find its own way and then ask teachers for help when needed.

One of the greatest benefits of the Montessori Method, particularly during the early learning experience, is the focus on hands-on learning. The emphasis is on concrete, rather than abstract learning, as students work on activities that teach language, math, culture and practical life lessons. Teachers encourage students to concentrate on tasks, and they discourage students from interrupting one another, allowing students to focus on activities until they are properly mastered.

Classes take place in small, highly engaged bursts, keeping children’s minds and creativity engaged.  Children are encouraged to discover, not through technology or through passive instruction, but through engaging with each other and the physical world around them.

We believe that early childhood development prepares a young person for a lifetime of learning and teaching focus on four sets of skills: linguistics, socio-emotional, cognitive and physical.

Admission and enrollment

Thanks to your continued trust, our Daycare is fully booked up to January 2018: feel free to contact us to pre-book a space for your toddler.

Our new academic year will take place from September 2017 to September 2018 - divided in 4 equal terms -. You are welcome to visit us at anytime to learn more about our Daycare, get to know our team and see our beautiful garden. Please contact us to schedule a suitable time. If you like what you see, you fill out the application form, make the adequate payment in the bank and the enrollment of your child can start.

Age Groups
Our children are divided into the following groups:
NIDO: 9 – 18 months
Young Toddlers: 19 – 28 months
Toddlers: 29 - 36 months (children can start Preschool when they turn 3)

We anticipate some children for whom it will be their first time away from parents and we are prepared to make this transition as enjoyable as possible for both child and parent. All children are different, so depending on your child, we will together decide how to give your child the best start at Happy Hearts.

For parents


We invite parents to actively take part in the development of their children. This may be by giving ideas or helping out at special events.

One time per term parents, children and staff get together at a special event, where parents will get the opportunity to experience the work of students, meet each other, ask questions and bring their ideas on board.
We also organize a one-on-one meeting, between a child's parents and his or her teacher, where they will receive a detailed written report about their children’s health and development

During the year, we share charming moments at our social media platforms for parents to follow the development of their children. We will also provide a newsletter on a monthly basis.

Calendar and timing

The academic year starts in September. The Daycare will be open during the whole year, with the exception of Rwandan public holidays. The exact calendar can be found at our offices.

 Year 2016/17

1st Term 4th of September to 30th of November
2nd Term 1st of December to 28th of February
3rd Term 1st of March to 31st of May
4th Term 1st of June to 24th of August

Happy Hearts is open from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday.
According to your need, we provide half day without lunch (7:30 - 12pm), half day with lunch (7:30 - 1pm) and full day (7:30 - 5:30pm) services.


We would like to secure the best recovery for your child as well as reducing transmission of contagious sicknesses to other children.
Therefore, any child suffering from a doubtful rash, severe cough, fever, discharge from eyes, ears or nose, diarrhea and vomit should be kept at home, especially during the contingency period.
We do not administer medicines, so please do not bring them to school.


We believe that a good and healthy diet influences children’s concentration and learning capacity. Thus, we strive to minimize use of unhealthy products such as sugar and fat and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning snack Oatmeal porridge
Mixed Fresh fruits Biscuits and milk Mixed Fresh Fruits Bread with jam/peanut butter
Lunch Spaghetti with mixed vegetables Beef and tomatoes risotto Macaroni with chicken and vegetables Vegetables soup with homemade bread Shepherd's Pie
Afternon snack Mixed fresh fruits Crêpes Oatmeal porridge Fresh fruit juice and biscuits Crêpes

• The fruits we use are: banana, mango, pineapple, passion fruit, orange, papaya, tree tomato and watermelon

• This is a tentative menu and may be subject to change depending on season etc.


Contacts & Location

Say Hello!

For More information, Please contact us!

: KG Street 672, plot 3, Kimihurura Kigali - Rwanda
: +250 788 300 512
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